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Teams Pics Not USED

  1. GM Consulting
    GM Solutions

    (L to R): Larry Hogan, Lester Eng, Gary Murphy (Captain), Steve Roman, Tom Hayward, Alan Suran, Wayne Wong, Ronnie Peterson, Dino Bourdos, Gord Lorimer, Sandro Perrone, Ron Wales, Tony Veitch
    Absent: Dan Pickford


  2. Hillcrest Dental Centre
    Hillcrest Dental Centre

    Dr. Gerald Vanderpluym
    905 883 0411

    Back Row (L to R): Louie Morizio, Andy Tsakas, Mike Devenz, Henry Yip, Mike Gregorish, Chubb Letenyei
    Front Row (L to R): Randy Matthews, Jacques Therrien, Andy Arai, Robert Corazza
    Absent: Frank Faieta, Bob Goody, Paul Taskas, Mike Dipaolo (Captain)


  3. Best Renovations
    GM Solutions
    Mike Brien
    647 206 1289

    Back Row (L to R): Grant Richardson, Alden Palisca, Brian Young, Jay Major, Dan Bonanni, Gerry Fox, Rick Kalkanis, Chris Babcock, Jeff May
    Front Row (L to R): Larry Thorsell, Mike Simon, David Hirano, Bruce Noble (Captain)
    Absent: Michael Tamin


  4. iSolutions Advertising

    Back Row (L to R): Myron McKee, Joe Mason, Nunzio Iacobellis, Brian Lonergan, Howard Freedman, Larry Greenberg
    Front Row (L to R): Jason Rogers, Paul Baillargeon (Captain), David Chin, Joe Bryan
    Absent: Ty Middleton, David Ezechiels, Clayton Reid, Stephen Noyek


  5. The Hair Spot
    Hillcrest Mall
    (905) 884-0744

    Picture is from 2013-2014 Season

    Back Row (L to R): Imo Hosein, Domenic Ammendolia, Joe Graham, Jaret Blowers, Jeff Olsen, Dan Paragoris, Andrw Ackles (2013 only)
    Middle Row (L to R): Santo Russo, Nick Georgakopoulos, Peter Basmadjian, Mike Latour (Captain), John Angaran
    Front Row: Rod DaSilva
    Absent: Mike Klym, Rob Valante


  6. King’s Ale House
    King Henry's Arms

    Back Row (L to R): Sam Malandrino, Alex Matthews, Corrado Salemi (Captain), Vasco Andreevski, Harvey Korman, Tony Van Alphen, Larry Gibbons, Gerald Vanderpluym, Simon Docherty, John Eliopulos, Terry Thorsell
    Front Row: Nick Russano
    Absent: Don Earl, Jamie Milner


  7. New Wave Electronics
    New Wave Electronics

    Back Row (L to R): Jason Shiff, Andrew Applebaum, Kevin Nakata, Pat Legris, Norman Belliveau, Larry Atcheson, Mike Findlay, Chris Haffey
    Front Row (L to R): Chuck Wilkey, Stan Vaters (Captain), Dom Ho, Richard DeMarco, Dale Robinson
    Absent: Peter Vassos


  8. Mansteel Limited

    Back Row (L to R): Brandon Abraham, Chris Josiah, Mark Aldrovandi, Albert Collu, Paul Malandrino
    Middle Row (L to R): Joey Lee, Sean Pescador, Paul Scivoletto, Dave Twidale, Michael Cundari, Joseph Belvedere, Anthony Scilipoti
    Front Row: Bryan Dalla Rosa
    Absent; Ian Abraham