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Playing Rules 2017-2018

Please note the following rule modifications in addition to the standard CARHA rules that we adhere by:

Head shots – 3 levels

  1. Incidental contact to the opposing players head by a glove, elbow, shoulder etc will incur a 2 minute minor penalty. Please be in control at all times.
  2. If the contact in 1) is considered to be reckless, or careless and involves FORCE, there will be a double minor assessed.
  3. If there is a pre-mediated shot to the head specifically by a glove, but can also include any body part used to contact the head, there will be a 5 minute major penalty called, ejection from the game and an automatic 3 game suspension. If the player commits a repeat offense, they will be terminated from the league.

High Stick

If a player waves at a puck above the shoulder, there will be a minor penalty enforced, regardless of whether or not contact is made with the puck.


If a player slides TOWARDS an opposing player to block a pass, shot or to impede a player’s progress, there will be a 2 minute minor penalty called. This rule is in place to avoid the dangerous plays where a player falls over, or is has their legs cut out from underneath them, or both players crash into the boards out of control.

Abuse of Officials

This is a men’s recreational league. The referees are only human as we all are and will miss things occasionally. Live with the call, as there will be “0” tolerance for any screaming, aggressive tones, or general abuse of the referees. A referees call stands and should not be subject to the verbal abuse that we have been hearing the past few seasons. Please note that abuse of the officials will result in:

  1. 5 minute misconduct
  2. If the referee feels that the situation dictates, the player may be given the balance of the game, no matter the time during the game that it occurred.
  3. If the player or their teammates continue to verbally abuse the official, the referees have been empowered to enforce an additional 5 minute misconduct (does not count towards the individual player minutes) .
  4. There will be further review by the Executive and game suspensions may be enforced.

Player Trash Talking

Unsportsmanlike 2 minute minor penalty, can be increased to a 5 minute major penalty. Respect your opponent.

Goaltender Interference:

  1. Any forward who take a hard line cutting to the net, which may or may not result in a collision with the goalie and/or defenceman, will result in a 2 minute minor penalty. This includes if the player hits the post or net, but not the goalie, the intent was there.
  2. You are not allowed in the goalies crease (blue paint) stay out and this includes casual turning through the crease.


It is the responsibility of the teams and the players to understand the Playing Rules as they apply to penalties, conduct, and suspensions. All players must complete and sign the League Waiver before they are allowed to step on the ice.

A registered player will only be allowed to play in our league. Teams must dress a minimum playing roster of 7 players, 6 forwards and one goalie. If a team, because of lack of players, will forfeit, they are allowed to pick up 2 players, no more of equal calibre provided it is mutual between captains. The non forfeiting team receives 1 point, and the forfeiting team has a chance to get 1 with a win. A team short benched is not allowed to pick up players.

All equipment worn by players and goalies must be CSA approved. Non – C.S.A. APPROVED helmets will not be allowed on the ice at any time. While on the ice, all players must wear a helmet with a half visor properly fastened. A player not wearing a HELMET or VISOR correctly will not be allowed on the ice. Full cages are welcomed, but again must be properly fastened to the helmet and chin straps under the chin are secured. Mouth guards are highly recommended by the league.

Monday and Thursday games will be 3 – 10 minute/stop time periods. The clock will run down when a team is winning by 5 or more goals in the last 5 minutes. The clock will run straight time until the end of regulation time unless the score differential becomes less than 5 then the clock will return to stop time.

If after regulation time, the game is tied, a shoot out will take place. Both shooters shooting at the same time. ( time issues ).

1 point for each team. Shoot out winner receives 2 points. No shoot outs in playoffs.

If a player receives penalties for 6 minutes in a game, i.e. stepping on stick/tripping, high stick reflex, and minor infractions, they will be ejected from the game and will NOT be faced with a one game suspension. We’ll call it “3 AND OUT”. It will be the REFEREES DECISION whether or not there is a SUSPENSION.

“No stopping in the crease” will be strongly ENFORCED. Play will be stopped and be moved outside the zone. If a player/team is in the crease for a 2nd time he/they will receive a Minor penalty. If in the eyes of the officials, a Defensive player PUSHES an offensive player into the goalie, he will be assessed a 2 minute minor. If a player charges the net and makes contact with the goalie, a 2 minute minor will be assessed.

Head shots. Any person that delivers a deliberate hit to the head via stick, elbow, punch, check, or other means will receive a 5 minute Major and a 10 minute Game Misconduct. Such violation will result in an automatic 3 game suspension and a league review.

If a goaltender is hit in the mask with the puck the play will be whistled down immediately. If the puck hits the goalies helmet and deflects into the net, it is still a goal.

One (1) – thirty (30) second time-out will be allowed per team per regulation game.

No red line, no touch icing.

A team may forfeit their next game(s) if they play a player who has received a penalty resulting in a suspension.

There is a zero tolerance in the abuse of officials on or off the ice. This includes the hallways, lobby, smoking area etc. No one shall enter the Referee change room without their consent, period. A minimum of a 3 game suspension will be strongly enforced if there are infractions of these rules.

Any player or team official who engages in verbal taunts, insults or intimidation based on discriminatory grounds (race, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, language) shall be assessed a Gross Misconduct penalty. A minimum 3 game suspension will be assessed for any infraction. If the offences happens again the player will incur an immediate EXPULSION from the league.

Penalty Types

Game Misconduct Penalty

Unsportsmanlike Conduct/Misconduct, does not incur automatic suspension, unless it occurs in the last 10 minutes of the game, in which case the penalized player shall be suspended for a minimum of the next regular game. A total of 10 minutes shall be charged in the records against the penalized player for a Game Misconduct penalty.

Major Penalty

A player assessed a Major penalty shall be ruled off the ice for the remainder of the game and receive a Major penalty of 5 minutes and a Game Misconduct of 10 minutes). The penalized team shall place a substitute player in the Penalty Box to serve the five minute major. Substitutions shall be permitted.

The only exception to this rule is when a Major penalty has been assessed for an ACCIDENTAL high stick, In which case the Game Misconduct shall not apply.

Gross Misconduct Penalty

Any player incurring a “Gross Misconduct“ penalty shall be ejected from the game, given a 1 game suspension and/or face more discipline if warranted. He will also receive a Major penalty of 5 minutes and a Game Misconduct of 10 minutes.

Match Penalty

Any player incurring a “Match” penalty shall be leave the ice immediately, will receive a Major penalty of 5 minutes and a Game Misconduct of 10 minutes and will not be permitted to take part in any further games until his case has been dealt with by the league committee.

Fighting Rule

A Match penalty shall be assessed to any player who is identified by the referee as the instigator or aggressor in a fight. This includes any punching. The opposing player may then be assessed a Match penalty if he fights back or continues the altercation, a Minor penalty for roughing, or no penalty at all, depending on the circumstances.

If two players throw the first punch simultaneously, then both players will receive Match penalties.

Boarding and Body Contact

A Minor or Major penalty may be assessed by the Referee, based upon the intent and the violence of the impact with the opposing player. A Minor penalty will be assessed to any player who intentionally bodies, pushes, shoves, impedes, or body’s off the puck, stands in front of an opponent for the purpose of making contact, and/or does not avert body contact with an opponent.
A Double Minor penalty will be assessed, if in the opinion of the Referee, That a player had intention of boarding or body contact.

When injury results from intentional body contact a Major penalty shall be assessed.

High Sticking

If a player makes a reflex motion by waving his stick at the puck above his shoulders he will be assessed a Minor penalty. You must have care and control of your stick at all times.

A Minor penalty shall be assessed to any player who checks an opponent with their stick above the chest height of their opponent. A double Minor will be assessed if a player is cut or blood is drawn.

A player who intentionally contacts an opponent with a High Stick shall be assessed a Major Penalty and/or a Game Misconduct.

A Match penalty shall be assessed to any player who deliberately attempts to injure or injures an opponent with a high stick. A 3 game suspension will be given, and a reveiw by the league committee.

Slap Shot

Any player who uses a “slap shot” during the game shall be assessed a Minor penalty. If an injury to an opponent results, a Major penalty shall be assessed. A slap shot will be called when any part of the stick is drawn back above the knee cap.

The use of a “snap shot” is allowed. The “snap shot” is to bring the stick back behind the puck a maximum of fifteen inches either on or off the ice and to shoot the puck in wrist shot fashion.

A player who uses the action of a Fake Slap Shot for the purpose or intimidating an opposing player and/or opposing goalkeeper shall be assessed a Minor penalty. This includes the Defence trying to gain the advantage while there is fore checking.

Interference/ Protection of the Goaltender

A Minor penalty for interference with the goaltender shall be imposed on a player who, by means of his stick or his body, interferes with or impedes the movement of the goaltender, by physical contact.

A Minor penalty shall be imposed on any attacking player, who makes deliberate contact with a goaltender, whether in or out of the goal crease. At the discretion of the Referee, a double Minor penalty or a Major penalty may be imposed.

General League Policies

Failure to comply with any of these rules may lead to further action taken against the team and or person(s), including a Delay of Game penalty.

When a player has accumulated 40 minutes in penalties he will receive a 3 game suspension. It will be the committee’s decision if more games are to be added.

The Referees are instructed to apply the rules firmly. All Referees on ice decisions will be strongly enforced under the 24 hour cool down process.

There will be no new players added to the league after December 31 unless there becomes a “special circumstance “. The executive committee will make this decision in the event it becomes necessary.

All players must fill out the League registration form along with the League waiver before stepping on the ice.

There will be trades approximately November 3, 2016.

I.e. Major injury, re-location etc.

Gentlemen, please remember we all have to work the next day, and we all pay to play.

Playoff Rules and Format

All regular season rules and policies stand in the playoffs. This year, a ladder-style format will be used.

1st Round (Best out of three)

1 vs 8
2 vs 7 **Based on the final regular season standings **
3 vs 6
4 vs 5

– 2 points for a win in regulation time
– 2 points for win in overtime (Overtime will ONLY be played in game 3’s of each round)
– 1 point for a tie (Ties WILL count in the first 2 games of each round, or loss in OT/ShootOut in game 3)
– 0 points for a loss in regulation

2nd round (Best out of three)

– The winners of the 1st round will face each other
– The losers from the 1st round, will play each other, the rankings for the teams will be based on the final regular season standings
– Please note: All teams will carry their points from the 1st round

Final Games

– The 2 teams that won outright in the 1st and 2nd rounds will play in the A final (Point totals do not apply)
– The remaining 6 teams will be ranked based on total points from the play-off rounds
– The B final will be the top 2 teams out of the remaining 6 teams, based on total points
– The C Final will be the 3d and 4th place teams out of 6, based on total points
– The D Final will be the 5th and 6th place teams out of 6, based on total points.
– See the tie breakers below for settling a tie between teams ranked 3 to 6

Additional Details

Overtime (if required):
– 5 minute sudden death 4 on 4, captains please ensure that everyone sees the ice during the overtime period.
Shoot out (If required):
– As in the regular season

Tie Breakers:

– Head to head
– Wins
– Plus minus
– Penalty minutes
– Coin toss

Goalie Replacements:

– Must be of equal or less caliber to the team’s goalie that they are filling in for
– Must have played at least 2 games during the regular season
– Must be acceptable to the Executive

Please remember that even if a series is lost in the first 2 games, a win in the 3d game will help your team to potentially playing in the B final. It is your responsibility, as captains, to work with your teams so that we do not have any defaults.