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Summer Schedule 2018

Team 1:    Murphy – Black
Team 2:    Matthews – Yellow
Team 3:    Findlay – Purple
Team 4:    Russano – Red

Download Summer Schedule (PDF)

All games are at ED SACKFEILD ARENA.

May 161 Black (L)vs2 Yellow (W)3 Purple (L)vs4 Red (W)
May 231 Black (W)vs3 Purple (W)2 Yellow (W)vs4 Red (L)
May 301 Black (W)vs4 Red (W)2 Yellow (W)vs3 Purple (L)
Jun 63 Purple (W)vs4 Red (L)1 Black (W)vs2 Yellow (L)
Jun 132 Yellow (W)vs4 Red (L)1 Black (L)vs3 Purple (W)
Jun 202 Yellow (W)vs3 Purple (W)1 Black (W)vs4 Red (L)
Jun 271 Black (L)vs2 Yellow (W)3 Purple (L)vs4 Red (W)
July 41 Black (L)vs3 Purple(W)2 Yellow(W)vs4 Red (L)
July 111 Black (W)vs4 Red(L)2 Yellow(W)vs3 Purple (L)
July 183 Purple (L)vs4 Red(W)1 Black(W)vs2 Yellow (L)
July 252 Yellow(W)vs4 Red (L)1 Black (L)vs3 Purple(W)
Aug 12 Yellow(W)vs3 Purple (L)1 Black(W)vs4 Red (L)
Aug 81 Blackvs2 Yellow3 Purplevs4 Red
Aug 151 Blackvs3 Purple2 Yellowvs4 Red
Aug 221 Blackvs4 Red2 Yellowvs3 Purple
Aug 293 Purplevs4 Red1 Blackvs2 Yellow
Sep 52 Yellowvs4 Red1 Blackvs3 Purple
Sep 122 Yellowvs3 Purple1 Blackvs4 Red

Summer Standings 2018

2:    Matthews - Yellow921
1:    Murphy - Black552
3:    Findlay - Purple462
4:    Russano - Red381